Boat Moorings

Pleasure boats have many anchoring possibilities in the strait and in Egersund Guest Marina.

The long and hilly coastline offers many opportunities for recreational boaters. In the strait there are several anchorages for small boats. In these places there are toilets and sanitation.

1. Mastrasanden

Is a boating area which also is accessible from the mainland. Cozy cove with long shallow sandy beach. From the parking lot at Trosavigveien it is about a 15 minute walk on the marked path. Equipped with toilet, information, etc.

2. Dyrøy

Located furthest out on the northern sea approach to Egersund, it is only accessible by boat. The island is covered with coniferous forest and surrounded by rocky shores and steep cliffs. Jetty, toilet, information board and mooring bolts.
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3. Sundsgabsholmen

Is one of several islands in a smaller group of islands located in the northern sea approach to Egersund. Only accessible by boat. The islet is covered with mountain pine and surrounded by steep rocky beaches. Facilities include pier, mooring bolts, toilet and information.

4. Gyarhamn

Is one of the most popular boating areas in Eigersund. The harbor is located in a short "fjord arm" with two smaller branches. Alternates between steep hills and rocky shores surrounded by coniferous forests. Two mooring areas with piers and information. Mooring bolts and toilet.

5. Æsand - Navarsanden

Is a stretch of coast with four small but nice beaches. Beaches are wedged between steep hills. They are shallow and consist of small pebbles. Mostly used in conjunction with boating. No facilities.

6. Skadbergvågen

Is developed with emphasis on boating. The shoreline consists of fractured rocks bordering coniferous forest. Equipped with jetty, information, toilet and mooring bolts.
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7. Egersund Guest Marina

Located in the inner harbour, has a service building with kiosk and outdoor dining. Toilets, laundry room, washing machine and drying room. The guest harbour is administered by Egersund Seilforening. 
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