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People who came to Egersund 150 years ago were struck by all the colors that characterized the townscape. In Egersund we had production from the Egersund Pottery Factory from the middle of the 1800s until 1979. The smoke from the factories left soot deposits on the white houses. Egersund’s citizens therefore found that it was wise to use colors that hid the soot. Egersund was therefore not part of the white towns of southern Norway, but a town with its own colors. We wish to find these colors again.

Eigersund municipality wishes to include the shopping streets in Egersund in a color project, where the aim is to find the original colors of the buildings. In recent years it has become increasingly more common to paint the houses white or gray. The graying of the buildings creates sad urban spaces.

Streets using historic colors
The buildings in Elvegaten, Storgaten and Kirkegaten show different styles and influences from the 1800s, 1900s and 2000s with different use of colors. In the project we want to find the historical colors by conducting a color survey on the houses where it is possible to find the original colors. This involves finding out the oldest materials on the building and looking at the paint layers.
This will help us to get a picture of how the buildings have looked and make the basis for a color guide to the city and these streets. The goal is to compose a color scheme that is as historically accurate as possible and that provides a harmonic color palette across the style epochs of these streets.

Color guide and painting day
A Possibilities Project in the municipality will cover the costs of the color survey and the cost of issuing a brochure which house owners, paint retailers in Egersund and other interested parties can get. The «possibility» municipality wishes to arrange a joint painting day where we provide free paint brushes and guidance. It is of course freely up to each house owner whether they will paint their house according to the historically correct palette. We want to put colors on the town!
Text: City Director for Cultural Heritage Tina Tønnessen and Possibility Developer Kjersti Søyland Bye

The Row of Seahouses
Which is well preserved can be seen in the inner harbor of Egersund. These are unique to the area and the reason is that south-west of Egersund, outside Eigerøy, there is a so-called amphidromic point. This is a point of zero amplitude in the ocean in relation to the tide. Tides from two different directions - the English Channel and north of Scotland -  meet here and neutralize each other. Therefore, there is no difference between high tide and low tide in Egersund.
City Walks
App from Magma: Download the app from Magma Geopark and get many tour descriptions and audiovisual description of city walks in Egersund. Available in English and Norwegian. Free and available from AppStore and Googleplay.

At the Tourist Information you can get a brochure about city walks (English and Norwegian). You can also go in  here to book a guided City Walk.


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