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The story of Egersund is one of Norway's oldest and stretches back to the Stone Age. When the ice began to recede at the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago, Egersund's land area, due to its connection to the coast, became free from the ice early and thus habitable. In addition, in the area within Eigersund municipality one can find several farms that have been dated back to the years 400-600 after Christ.

From the primitive inhabitants of the Stone Age, history stretches to the Viking Age, and Eigersund is mentioned, among others, in the Heimskringla saga. The name Eigersund is one of the country's oldest place names and originates from an old Norse name, Eikundasund, the strait between the oak trees. Even more exciting are the stories around King Olav II the Holy (995-1030) and his massive Viking fleet, which was anchored in Egersund harbor between battles and plundering around Europe. 

Next time you go to Egersund and look out over our intimate harbor, think back 1000 years and imagine Viking ship after Viking ship anchored side by side. A harbor full of life and movement while some of history's most fearsome warriors walked around in what is now downtown Egersund.

With such a history, it is only natural that the most powerful man of the day, Pope Nicolaus IV, mentioned Egersund in an indulgence privilege document dated 5 February 1292. A harbor for the long arm of the Catholics and the spread of Christianity in Norway.

From the Viking Age to the industrial world Egersund has been a hub worldwide. In 1798, Egersund received status as a trading place, ie. permission to conduct its own trade and imports, and thus also town status. After this change of status it took 49 years before what became the world-renowned A/S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co started the production of stoneware in 1847.

From world-famous pottery to Norway's largest fishing port (measured in quantity of landed fish), the city and municipality have grown in size, but remain personal and full of character.

Today, the city offers a downtown full of people, big and small, in addition to an exceptional and unforgettable business community that provides everything one can think of in goods and services. Egersund is the big little town that has everything.

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