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NUMBERS & FACTS for the Municipality: 

Founded: 1838
Population: 14 942 (2016)
Municipal area: 432 km².

In January 1937, 50 kr was allocated for the work to make a coat of arms for the town. Of the 11 proposals received, the evaluation committee settled on a draft from Alf Feyling Larsen, whose motive was two-part, a flying seagull and a pottery vase. The draft was worked on according to the heraldic requirements for a town coat of arms, but since it can be difficult to combine these requirements with true urban patriotism, the enthusiasm declined. For several reasons, the case was effectively put on ice and then overtaken by events in 1940, the German invasion. 

The municipal coat of arms on "a green base, an upright gold oak leaf", was adopted by the Eigersund municipal council on 28 August 1972, and approved by a Royal Decree of 20 October 1972. The coat of arms was designed by then first archivist in the National Archives Harald Trætteberg, but the idea for the motif came from Torunn Edvardsen and Torleif Tendeland who shared the first prize in an idea competition. The oak leaf reflects the municipality name Eigersund.
There are many good reasons to settle in Egersund. We welcome you and will help you along the way with useful tips and contacts.

First of all, on behalf of all Egersund citizens, we would like to welcome you to establish yourselves in our town. One of the first things that is important to get settled before moving to a place is that one finds a place to live. In Egersund you have a range of choices whether you want to buy a new lot, or will take a slightly older house. Downtown Egersund and the surrounding area consist mainly of houses from the 1800s and the first part of the 1900s. The surrounding areas have houses built after this, and you will find new housing areas scattered around. If you want to live more rural, you can look at the villages of Hellvik and Helleland. In Eigersund you will find everything, from classic older houses to new modern ones with and without gardens. We also have apartment buildings.

Eigersund municipality has many day nurseries from which to choose. For a full list of what is available, please see here.

Primary schools
Eigerøy School
Grøne Bråden School
Helleland School
Hellvik School
Husabø School
Husabø Middle School
Lagård Middle School
Rundevoll School

After-School Activities (SFO) & The Penguin (Pingvinen)
The after-school activity system shall facilitate play, cultural and leisure activities based on age, function level and interests of the children.
The after-school activity system shall give the children care and supervision.

Disabled children should be given good developmental conditions. The areas, both inside and out, must be suitable for the purpose. The content of the system must otherwise be in accordance with the mission statement in the Education Act.

The Penguin (Pingvinen)
Leisure club with offers to both seniors and juniors. Also arranges LAN parties, discotheques and more.

Tel: 51 46 80 93
Mobile: 474 52 073

Eigersund folk library offers visitors a rich and exciting collection centrally located in Egersund. The library has many good offers and can also borrow from other libraries. The main library has wireless internet as well as several public computers with access to the web. The use is free. It is possible to book time in advance. Welcome! You can find your own reading nook in the library if you come pay a visit!

Egersund cinema has two state of the art movie theaters with good legroom and a good selection of sweets and popcorn to suit all movie lovers. 
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