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The Christmas Town in Egersund began in 2003 with a tiny notice in Dagens Næringsliv that a city in England had great success with a Christmas market patterned after Germany. The idea was ignited. There was one person who thought - When places as distant as the United Kingdom and Germany can find commonality in such a tradition, then what about the wooden house town of Egersund – and contacted Lufthansa who had just opened a new route from Stavanger to Frankfurt. Is it possible to get sponsored part of the tickets if we send a study group now before Christmas? Yes, surely. They fell for the idea and treated us to all the tickets. A group who were chosen not for who they represented, but for what they were as individuals in the form of knowledge and openness, were sent off. Everyone got their area to gather information about and then they were off.

On 8 December 2004, the market square in Egersund was transformed into a wonderfully charming little Christmas town, with stalls full of food, textiles, mulled wine, art, Christmas decorations and much much more. Egersund’s citizens were proud and people from out-of-town were greatly impressed. The Christmas Town Egersund was back in 2005 and, if possible, created an even more impressive Christmas market.

If this tradition can go on and on, then the children who were led around in the Christmas town by their parents in 2004, will one day want to come back with their children to show them a Christmas town that has the atmosphere and values most thought had disappeared.

The Christmas Town is organized this year for the 15th time, and has become a tradition and a concept far beyond Rogaland County, and even a little further. The credit for this is not to a single person, but to a whole city's eagerness to make something special and different during the pre-Christmas season.

For more information, go to the Christmas Town’s web page

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