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Dalane Folk Museum

Dalane Folk Museum was founded in 1910, and was located in the first years at Årstad in Egersund. In 1935 the museum moved to Slettebø, 3 kilometers from downtown Egersund. Here you will also find the museum's administration building. The core of the original facility is District Magistrate Feyer’s old country estate with main building, farm manager’s residence and wagon shed from the 1850s, and a gazebo from the 1830s.

The gazebo was refurbished and painted in the original colors in connection with the 200th anniversary of Norway's constitution in 2014.

During World War II, the occupation power established a military camp at Slettebø. The museum's crafts department and agriculture department are housed in buildings dating from this period.

The museum has rich and extensive collections at Slettebø. We can especially mention the beautiful collection of quality cast iron stoves and ovens from the 1600s and 1700s and farming tools and vehicles from the 1800's. The museum has workshops for several types of crafts, including spinning wheel maker, watchmaker, comb maker, cooper, carpenter and wooden clog maker.

The museum's facilities at Slettebø also include a schoolhouse from the 1890s and a storehouse on pillars from the 1700s. In 2000, the area was further expanded when the museum took over the administration building from the former institution Bakkebø. The building from 1955 was designed by Odd Brochmann. It is now refurbished and today houses offices, photo collection, library, workshops, archives and magazines.

Opening times:
Mid-June to mid-August; every day 11:00-17:00
Mid-August to mid-June; closed. Inquiries to the museum reception.

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Egersund Fayance (Pottery) Museum

Egersund Fayancemuseum is a museum connected to the production from the pottery factory A/S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co. (1847 – 1979).

For more than 132 years, the factory in Egersund provided the Norwegian people with stoneware for both everyday and festive purposes. A/S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co. had an unusually extensive production with a wealth of different models and decors. Through the extensive production, trends within the art and fashion world are reflected for a long period.

The factory was founded in 1847 under the name of Egersunds Potteri. Founder Johan Feyer had himself learned pottery making through studies in Newcastle upon Tyne. In a short period of time, the factory evolved into Norway's largest stoneware manufacturer.
After the factory was shut down in 1979, Dalane Folkemuseum took over the factory's archives and art collection. This forms the foundation of the Egersund Fayancemuseum, which was established in 1986. In 2010 Egersund Fayancemuseum moved into new modern premises in Fabrikkgaten 2 where the old factory was in its time.

Egersund Fayancemuseum exhibits a selection of items from the factory's long history. The exhibits also show how the pottery factory was a cornerstone of Egersund town. Egersund Fayancemuseum has implemented universal design in all aspects with regard to access and presentation. Here one finds a special touch gallery adapted for the blind and visually impaired where all visitors have the opportunity to touch and feel objects.
The museum also has a shop at the reception. Egersund Fayancemuseum is a department of Dalane Folkemuseum.

Museum’s opening times:
Mid-June to end of August; daily 11: 00-17: 00
September to mid-June; Wednesday-Friday 11:00-15:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-17: 00

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