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The Lighthouse Festival 31 May - 2 June 2019

The Lighthouse Festival is a culture festival for people with disabilities who dance, play music, perform theater or take part in other cultural activities. This is a festival where participants and leaders can be themselves in events that are tailored to the target audience. 

The lighthouse festival shows Egersund from its best side; inclusive, accomodating, generous and full of laughter and joy. Concerts and activities stand in line with participants who spread unendingly much joy during the two days the festival is going on. 

 After a successful celebration of the Lighthouse Festival’s 25th anniversary, we are now busy planning the Lighthouse Festival for 2019.
The festival is also open to homes and leisure groups. We are pleased that Rogaland County and Eigersund municipality will support the festival financially. More information about the Lighthouse Festival 2019 is coming. Set the dates aside; we hope to see you at the festival.

Egersund heartily welcomes all participants and spectators to this year's festival.

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In Egersund at this time overnight acccomodations are somewhat limited.  The participants must therefore be prepared to be flexible about where they will stay.  The festival is trying to find space for all.  To get a fair distribution of overnight space, all booking of accommodation to the festival takes place. We have the Grand Hotel located in the middle of town and Bens Cafe and Motel which are about 12 km from downtown. In addition, we have cabins at two campsites about 10 minutes from town. There is also the possibility of sleeping on a bed made up on the floor at the cultural school located in the middle of the city's center, in the old part of town.
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