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How to reach Egersund

Egersund town is located in the south of Rogaland county and is the center of the municipality and the Dalane region. Communication is good and you can reach the region by car, bus or train. Car or bus: E39 highway to Stavanger through Egersund to/from Kristiansand. Nordsjøvegen, highway Rv 44 from Kristiansand - Egersund - Stavanger - Haugesund. Highways Fv.9 and Rv 42 from Hardangervidda and Setesdal over the Suleskar pass to Egersund.

Ferry: Ferries from Denmark stop in Kristiansand which is ca. 200 km south of Egersund. The ferry harbor at Tananger near Stavanger is ca. 80 km north of Egersund. Fjord Line operates services from Stavanger – Hirtshals or Kristiansand – Hirtshals.  Color Line operates services from Hirtshals - Kristiansand. 

Train:  Oslo - Kristiansand - Moi - Egersund - Stavanger. NSB.


Egersund Parkering

Parking downtown is divided into 3 different categories, short term parking, long term parking and private parking areas. Read more about when and how long one can park in public places in downtown Egersund at
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You pay for parking with the easypark app.
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